Serenity Total Acupuncture
Treatment Center
822 South Robertson Boulevard, Suite 105
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Contact: Jeannie Kang, L. Ac.

Word of mouth is the main form of advertisement for this tranquil haven in the middle of congested Robertson Boulevard. Once you walk through the door, your worries from a stressful day or anxiety about aches and pains are completely put to ease by the confident and capable hands of Dr. Chang.

Dr. Chang has been practicing Oriental Medicine for over 26 years. In addition, he has taught at Korea University, Department of Education and Transportation, and numerous other Top 20 companies in Seoul on Health and Oriental Medicine.

As a young man, Dr. Chang spent 6 years in solitude with his Teacher at Mount Tae Baek in South Korea. There he learned first hand the essence of Ki training which his teacher allowed to manifest in the form of Acupuncture - saving people's lives. He was the only pupil to learn Ki in the form of acupuncture and oriental medicine and he holds his knowledge very sacred to his heart and he still prays to his Teacher each day. Dr. Chang is a man of integrity, discipline, and a true calling in what he calls his 'livelihood', but most of all he is a most compassionate doctor. Dr. Chang's sanctuary is a good place to begin to learn about Oriental Medicine and everything encompassing this 4,000 year old 'science of the Asias'.

Patients with diabetes, Parkinson's disease, many forms of cancer, severe heart conditions, acute or chronic pain, allergies, weight loss, hypertension, impotence, fibromyalgia, migraine, indigestion, constipation, sports injuries, sciatica, arthritis, asthma, (only to name a few) have all been successfully treated through the attentive hands of Dr. Chang and his professional staff. His patients sincerely appreciate and revere him as family, as their own precious, golden treasure. His patients in Korea have been people in politics, doctors, professors, movie stars, directors, writers, top 20 company executives, people who demand excellence in their doctor.

Oriental Medicine combines both Acupuncture and Herbology, but the secret to a successful treatment on the first day is the complex, yet delicate healing form of acupuncture. Dr. Chang is renown as a scholar in Acupuncture, and his techniques and ideas are considered "genius and boundless."

"An accurate diagnosis is essential to a speedy recovery. Acupuncture, herbology, ki breathing exercises, and other exercises, are the forms which I use to rejuvenate and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. All forms must be in unison for a happy and healthy life."